Knysna High, situated in one of the most beautiful parts of our country, offers a home for both English and Afrikaans speaking learners.

At Knysna High School we strive to provide an encompassing, balanced education program which gives every learner the opportunity to develop his/her abilities to the fullest. A wide range of subjects, sports and cultural activities, provide for the mental, physical and spiritual development of our children.

Knysna High School is fortunate to have fully-qualified teachers whose learners achieve excellent results.  We also have more than sufficient facilities to make provision for our extended extra-mural program.

We believe in the maintenance of discipline and the development of a healthy lifestyle.  Emphasis is placed on the behaviour of learners both inside and outside the school environment.

KHS learners, staff and parents embrace holistic learning in a caring, supportive and accountable environment in order to adapt in a rapidly changing society and to serve the community.